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    Mixed-Use Asset Xeal charger


    After considering several EV charging platforms for our properties, we chose Xeal due to its responsive team, compact design, and innovative technology. We especially appreciate their unique connectivity solution that eliminates network maintenance and ensures our customers are always well served.

    David M, Owner/Operator

    Mixed-Use Asset

    Frederick, MD

    Commercial Surface Lot Princeton, NJ


    An advantage of using Xeal was the cost savings by not having to provide network infrastructure out to the charging units. Xeal was the right choice for ease of installation, flexibility in location and zero network infrastructure!

    Joe S, Asset Manager

    Commercial Surface Lot

    Princeton, NJ


    Xeal has been a life saver. My prior EV charging company relied on cellular connectivity which caused major charging issues for my residents. After spending thousands of dollars upgrading to 4G chips, my residents still ran into connectivity issues with lackluster customer support. The protocol technology that Xeal uses has eliminated every issue I had with my prior chargers.

    Xeal’s team of professionals made the process simple, easy and I am already seeing a return on my investment. If you want a dependable, quality product along with amazing customer service, Xeal is your answer.

    Justin S, Property Manager

    Multifamily Asset

    San Francisco, CA

    Xeal Charger


    We used another charging company first. It was a surface lot with what we thought to be good connectivity, but none of the chargers worked. We invested tens of thousands of dollars in IT infrastructure, and the chargers still failed.

    We then installed Xeal at one property and had zero issues. Since then, we have expanded them across our portfolio.

    Alex F, Developer

    Class A Multifamily Group


    This is a unique product that allows us to compete with competitors in the area. This is a product that our residents have found useful and encouraging in their decision to switch to a more fuel-efficient option.

    Additionally, it offers bandwidth for extra income for our community, which is simply amazing!

    Grant M, Property Manager

    Multifamily Asset

    Atlanta, GA

    National Portfolio Rollout


    Owners of large and geographically diverse real estate investment portfolios can appreciate how difficult it is to go from quote to completion. Xeal provides a great product and supports you the entire way to a real solution.

    Xeal was able to deliver an actionable solution that scaled. We went from introduction to implementation in a matter of months.

    Thomas S, Director of Sustainability

    National Portfolio Rollout

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