The new protocol for IoT & smart cities

Xeal’s proprietary technology is a self-reliant, hyper-local computing layer. The first of its kind, that ensures 100% uptime of critical smart functions in any IoT device.

We partner with world-class OEMs and EV charging brands to empower ‘Always-On’ devices.

A brief history of computing

  • 80's - 90's



    • Local private servers
    • High reliability & No external dependencies
    • Very expensive
  • 90's - Present



    • Centralized shared servers
    • High power & memory
    • Slow connection speed & latency
  • 2010's - Present



    • Rapid local device decision-making
    • Low local processing & memory

Xeal is a paradigm shift to computing that unlocks the power of smart devices

Rather than depend on a central server “the brain” hundreds of miles away, for critical functions to work, Xeal distributes the core critical thinking of large remote servers into hyper-local ledgers that turn every device into “super computers” that operate with self-reliance, no downtime, low latency, faster processing and maximum security. Critical smart functions include:

paradigm Helix graphic

How it works - Xeal removes the things that break

Smart devices currently rely on a single point of failure

Cloud computing (central networking) is a single point of failure with a physical remote server located hundreds of miles away which is required for every critical function to work, even just to start a session.

Multiple points of failure across distance and network connections.

Multiple points of failure across distance and network connections.

Tap and activate. That’s it.

Tap and activate. That’s it.

To put simply, just to turn a charger on and transact

A driver requests permission to access - this access request travels to a control center...

    Without Xeal

    Up to

    2000 miles

    To a remote server and back

    With Xeal

    Less than

    1 foot

    Straight to the device, no central server required

Why Xeal

  • xeal charger

    Always on

    Our patented distributed ledger technology turns smart devices (i.e. EV chargers) and smartphones into “super computers” and “mobile servers” to create a hyperlocal, self-reliant network that enables full smart functionality without external central network-dependency.

  • No need for IT

    No need to connect to cloud = no internet = no need for IT... which thereby eliminates the technical complexity, ongoing operations expenses, and downtime constraints that plague traditional IoT architectures.

  • car lights on road

    Rapid connection

    Time-bound tokens (“keys”) are constantly refreshed in smartphones. When users interact, there’s no cloud communication roundtrip necessary. Instead the device simple accepts and validates the token to start the session.

  • Maximum security

    Communication uses encrypted time-bound tokens and distributed data ledgers. Plus, its multi-hop architecture is never directly connected to the cloud, circumventing IoT’s most common attack vectors. Xeal is SOC2 and PCI-compliant.

  • Proven Technology

    Our technology is already deployed in over 40+ markets serving EV drivers and creating revenue for clients across the US.

    Our SDKs integrate seamlessly across various OEM’s & IoT devices

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